Friday, July 27, 2012

Water marble nail art - Purple and Green

So a few days ago I came across someone on YouTube doing a nail art using water. I got really interested so I looked into a few different videos to see how its done. Yesterday i decided to try it out for my self. Here is my result.

So here is what you need to do this nail art.
1. Cup or bowl of room temp water. Make sure you don't use it for food afterward, since nail polish gets stuck on the edge.
2. Your nail polish in 2 or more colours.
3. Top coat/ Base coat
4. Nail polish remover
5. Toothpick (a few helps if you make a mistake)
6. Cotton sub
7. Tape
8. Tissue, napkin or cloth to clean up

I choose these colours
 At first I wanted to use 3 colours that why I also picked the OPI nail polish, but later I noticed that it was causing the layer to dry up super fast that I couldn't create more rings. Therefore I just used the two colour above.

This was my top coat. Nothing special.

Step 1: Open all the nail polish bottles and keep them near the cup of water.

Step 2: Paint a base colour. First time I didn't and the marble worked but was really faint in colour.

Step 3: Tape your finger around your nail to keep it clean. You will need nail polish remover handy after to clean up.

Step 4: Now you have to work quickly for this. Put a drop your first nail polish colour into the water

It will start to create a circle, kinda

Step 5: Put a drop of your second colour into the water, in the center of the first one.

 It will start to create rings.

Step 6: Repeat step 4 and 5, until you get around 3 set of ring. If you use more then 2 colour then add your other colours and repeat.
 You will get something like this at the end.

Step 7: Take a toothpick and draw a pattern. It's easy to create a flower looking pattern.

 Step 8: Place your finger in the middle of your pattern and sink into the water.

Step 9: Give it a few second and you can blow on the surface of the water to harden the nail polish on top.

 Step 10: It was hard for me to take a picture since i need bother my hands for this step. With your free hand use a cotton sub and remove the extra nail polish around your finger and water. by the end your cup should not have any nail polish floating around.

 Step 11: Your finger should look something like this, let it dry a bit and remove the tape and your marble nails are almost done.

Step 12: Use cotton sub and nail polish remover to clean the edge and your finger if needed.  Then put on top coat one your nail is dry.

Repeat these steps with other nails if you want to just do one two. This is the design that mine came out to.
Your pattern will be different based on the marbling. 

Enjoy :)


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  2. NICE job!! Great water marble, mine never turn out that well! lol

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