Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May Empties

So this month I did quite well with my empties. I tried project 10 pan and would always fail, so this is helping me control how much I buy and use. I'll let you know if i would buy these products again or not, and maybe do a mini review.

So lets get started...

So this month I have finished 6 products. I'm so happy.

Live Clean Shampoo and Conditioner

 These two just got finished yesterday. I'm so glad they are done. I wanted to try these Live Clean shampoo and conditioner because its sulfate free. I did not like this product. Sometimes it would make my hair really dry and hard to manage. I will not be buying these again. One the positive, they did smell good.

Bath and Body Works lotion

 So I went crazy a year ago with the Hello Yellow sale at Bath and Body Works, therefore I have a LOT of Bath and Body Works stuff. I managed to finish a full size Twlight Woods body lotion and a mini Forever Sunshine lotion. Both of them I really liked. Once I go through all my other lotion, I will get these again. I do have a full size Forever Sunshine lotion that I haven't touched yet.

Bath and Body Works Pocket Pac

 This pocket pac took while to finish, I had it hanging off my bag for the longest time and used it when I remembered. It smelled really good. I would get this sent again, but first I need to finish my other ones.

Mac Studio Fix

And Finally I finished my Mac Studio Fix in NC42. This one took the longest to finish, I'm sure I had this for more then 3 years now. I really liked this power and would buy it again. I want to try a few more things before I buy this one again.

So this was my empties this month, I hope next month I have a lot to show you also.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Maroon and blue nail tutorial

I know it's been awhile, I've just been so busy lately. Anyways I have this pretty nail tutorial to show you. Let me know if you like this or want to see more tutorials.

I used two different nail polish, a blue nail polish (Savvy) and a dark Maroon (Essie - Wicked). Also need a sparkly nail polish (Sally Hansen) and a top coat.

Step 1. Put on a clear base coat or skip the base coat and put on nail polish you want at the bottom of your nail. I'm using try blue as my base color.

Step 2. Rip a bit of a makeup sponge. I choose to rip it instead of using the full sponge to get a texture.

Step 3. Put the nail polish you want on the top of your nail on the sponge.

Step 4. Dab the nail polish on to your nail, starting from the edge and working down. The nail polish should be more concentrated at the edge and fade as it goes down.

Step 5. Put a coat of sparkly nail polish on top when it's almost dry.

Step 6. Finish with a top coat.

I hope you enjoyed my nail tutorial.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

April Empties

So, people that know me, know that I have way to much makeup. I have tried Project 10 Pan a few times but failed every time, hahaha. So I decided to keep a track of my empties each month. That way I can see how much I finished. So here is my April empties.

So I managed to finish 4 products in April.

This is a NYX cupcake lip gloss, it took me forever to finish this lip gloss. I have 3 more :S. They come in a pack of 4. So, its not a bad lip gloss, kept my lips moisturized at night. Its such a cute packaging. Didn't have a taste or smell. Not sure if i would buy it again, mostly because I have use my finger to get the lip gloss.

 I know you can't tell what this is, but it was my Lush Godmother soap. I smells really sweet, I'm not a huge fan but it was a good soap. Once you got out of the shower and let your skin dry, then you can tell how soft your skin got. I had a 100g bar, took me a few weeks to finish it. Not sure if I would buy this again, I love some of their other soaps more.

This is a smoothing hair serum by Avon. I really like this product. You need 1 or 2 pumps to put all over your hair and it looks soft and shinny. Best way to use it, is after a shower on damp hair. Don't put too much or else it will look oily. I'll get this product again after I finish my other smoothing oils.

 This was a really good full cover foundation. Now that its getting hotter outside I'm glad this is finished, I feel like it would be too heavy in the summer time. It was a great foundation. I'll get it again once I finish my other ones. 

Sot these where my april empties. I'll put up a May empties next moth or at the end of this one. It feels great to finish up some products. 

Let me know if you keep also keep track of your empties, I would love to see what your guys have.

Second trip to Lisa's warehouse sale Haul

So, I managed to go back to the Lisa's warehouse sale again. I went last Sunday with my family and some of my friends. Let just say I got a few of my friends hooked and they are now sad that the sale is over. I got in 5 minutes before the doors closed, I got so luck that I made it. I don't live close to the sale, it takes me about an hour to get there but its worth it :)

Anyways they let us get stay there for 1 hour after closing, so I grabbed what I could. Managed to get everything I wanted. This time I didn't want any more makeup (I have a LOT). So I went for the perfumes mostly. So here is my haul, enjoy...

So these are the items I got this time.

Lets start with Perfumes

 This is Pupa Air de Fio, It only cost me $20, retail $75. Amazing deal smells great and looks so pretty.

I also got "Very Irresistible" by Givenchy for $58, retail $96. I'm really happy with both perfumes.

Hair Care
I decided to try these two, one is a hair spray and the other is a curl activation spray. The ISO Bouncyspray was $3.99 and the Joico spray was $1.49.

Foot Care
I wanted to get the Sally Hansen Salon intense callus remover, but there wasn't any left. So I decided to try this Borghese Satin callus remover. It was $3.99 I believe. I also got a pedicure set for $3.99 and a foot mask for $1.99.

On to Body care
I decided to get this honey wax for only $3.99 and the body mist by Dove was only $1.49.

Nail Polish again
Couldn't help my self, their deal was so amazing, I had to get some more. I got another gold magnetic nail polish, the gold works the best ($2.99). Revlon break art $2.49 and I believe the other ones where $0.99.

 I wanted to try this lip gloss it was $1.49, and its amazing. 

 I haven't tried this yet, but was only $1.99 I believe.

Finally onto Face
 I was going to get the eye gel only, but this kit was only $7 more and came with a cleaner and a face gel. it was only $24, retail $50. The eye gel at the sale was $17. So I picked up this kit.

That it, I'm really happy with what I got. The deals are amazing.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Tivoli magnetic nail polish

So I'm trying out this new nail polish. Here is a photo of what I have so far.
So after trying these nail polish a few times, here is my toughs. I love the design but its hard for it show up. I have 3 colors, Black, sliver and Gold.

So far the Gold is the best one. It seems to be the only one where the design shows up. Not sure if its the magnetic or the nail polish. I tried the black3 or 4 times and I can't seem to get any design to show up. Only once did it kind off worked and that's in this picture. I tried the silver and didn't get a design. I'll have to keep on trying.

Has anyone managed to get a cool design using the Tivoli magnetic nail polish? Or any of the other brands?

Haul: Lisa's Cosmetic wearhouse sale, spring 2012

So this past Sunday (May 6th) I managed to go to the Lisa's Cosmetic/Fragrances warehouse sale at Markham, ON. I heard about this sale two weeks ago, so this is the first time I went. I got there around 4 pm, and had to wait in line for around 15min to get in. That wasn't bad at all. I heard people say they had to wait for an hour.

Once you get in, you grab a red mesh bag to put your products in. Once I stepped I got overwhelmed by the amount of stuff there is. I went right to the makeup section, because my goal was to get a few of the Smashbox sets. Took me while to find the area. My husband said how there was huge sign saying Smashbox and yet I totally missed it.

Anyways here is my haul :)

I think I did well.

Nail polish
The Sally Hanson and the Tivoli nail polish where $0.99
The Be nail polish was $1.49
I know Sally Hanson ranges from $4-$7. The other brands not sure

Magnetic Nail polish :D

These where $2.99 each, I gave one to my sister. Most magnetic nail polish is around $10

Nail treatment
Sally Hansen treatment $1.49
Be treatment $1.99
These can be around $10.

Other stuff
When I saw this I had to get it, just for fun. Its a heated eyelash curler $3.99

Eyebrow shapes only $0.99

La Coupe shampoo and conditioner $1.99 each. Normally they are around $7 each.

Now onto Marcelle
From left to right, makeup remover $5, retail price $13.50
2 in 1 face & eye cleanser $5, retail price $13.50
and soothing cleansing water $6, retail price $14.25

All Marcelle make up was $2.49 and Annabelle was $1.99

Finally the really fun stuff :D
I got a Elizabeth Arden tinted moisturizer for only $13.99, my colour is Deep 4. They had a lot of foundation, and powder for Elizabeth Arden. Smashbox only had 2 shades of cream foundation that didn't match most people.


Their deal was you buy 3 items with the same price you get the 4th item (same price) free. So I got these items for $5.99 each. Can you believe it, only $5.99 each. total on these items I spent $17.97 for 4 Smashbox items.

This is what I really wanted from them. I got 2 of with Wish kits for $18.99 each, I believe the retail price would have been around $56.
I got the everyday glamour kit for $21.99 retail price was $68. The retail price I'm going of what I saw on the internet, so could be wrong.

And finally got a perfume
It cost me $39.00 for a $80 set.

Amazing deals and savings. I saved $413.38 in total.
This sale is going on till May 14th, 2012.

Enjoy :)