Sunday, July 1, 2012

June empties

This month was a hard one, since I had very few things that was close to being finished. I managed to finish these items.

I finished:
Lush bath bomb ickle baby bot
Lush retread conditioner
Mac lip gloss
A body scrub from Yves rocher

I hope next moth is better.

Let me give you a few information about these products. I posted this blog really quickly so I didn't give to much details before.

I liked the Abricot scrub by Yves Rocher until the end. Near the end it smelled really strong of herbs and wasn't as sweet. I didn't like using it to much when it smelled bad. But normally it was a nice sweet sent. I have a lot of scrubs, so won't buy this one any time soon.

The retread conditioner was really good, I used it as a deep conditioner. Not sure if I would buy it again, just because of the price tag.

The Ickle bath bomb was really nice, turned the water blue and smelled really good. I think I'll buy it again.

The MAC lip gloss (3D glass) in Synched Up, was a really nice peachy coral colour. I liked it a lot. This was one of my first lip gloss from MAC. It took forever to finish. I know it look like there is more product, but its all stuck on the side and I can't get it out. I also heard that if you take the stopper off then you can't back to mac it. Let me know if that's true or not? I don't think I can get this colour again, I believe it was limited edition. 

Anyways, I'll see what I can finish next month. I don't have to many things that is low anymore, so its getting harder to finish products.

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