Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Lisa's cosmetic sale

Hi, so I went to the Lisa's cosmetic sale again this year. Lol last time I went was may and again on Monday. I went with a friend this time, we had to wait in line for around 30-45 min. We went in the afternoon.

We looked at the makeup first, I was a bit disappointed since there was nothing new. They did have new smashbox liner set ($10), they are small but wasn't too bad. They had a set of lipgloss that I was excited to get but when I saw them, they where so small, like deluxe sample size for $15. Didn't them.

I got a lot of gifts this year and a few stuff for me. The perfumes are always a great deal. So got a few as gifts.

Here is my haul. Enjoy.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Water marble nail art - Purple and Green

So a few days ago I came across someone on YouTube doing a nail art using water. I got really interested so I looked into a few different videos to see how its done. Yesterday i decided to try it out for my self. Here is my result.

So here is what you need to do this nail art.
1. Cup or bowl of room temp water. Make sure you don't use it for food afterward, since nail polish gets stuck on the edge.
2. Your nail polish in 2 or more colours.
3. Top coat/ Base coat
4. Nail polish remover
5. Toothpick (a few helps if you make a mistake)
6. Cotton sub
7. Tape
8. Tissue, napkin or cloth to clean up

I choose these colours
 At first I wanted to use 3 colours that why I also picked the OPI nail polish, but later I noticed that it was causing the layer to dry up super fast that I couldn't create more rings. Therefore I just used the two colour above.

This was my top coat. Nothing special.

Step 1: Open all the nail polish bottles and keep them near the cup of water.

Step 2: Paint a base colour. First time I didn't and the marble worked but was really faint in colour.

Step 3: Tape your finger around your nail to keep it clean. You will need nail polish remover handy after to clean up.

Step 4: Now you have to work quickly for this. Put a drop your first nail polish colour into the water

It will start to create a circle, kinda

Step 5: Put a drop of your second colour into the water, in the center of the first one.

 It will start to create rings.

Step 6: Repeat step 4 and 5, until you get around 3 set of ring. If you use more then 2 colour then add your other colours and repeat.
 You will get something like this at the end.

Step 7: Take a toothpick and draw a pattern. It's easy to create a flower looking pattern.

 Step 8: Place your finger in the middle of your pattern and sink into the water.

Step 9: Give it a few second and you can blow on the surface of the water to harden the nail polish on top.

 Step 10: It was hard for me to take a picture since i need bother my hands for this step. With your free hand use a cotton sub and remove the extra nail polish around your finger and water. by the end your cup should not have any nail polish floating around.

 Step 11: Your finger should look something like this, let it dry a bit and remove the tape and your marble nails are almost done.

Step 12: Use cotton sub and nail polish remover to clean the edge and your finger if needed.  Then put on top coat one your nail is dry.

Repeat these steps with other nails if you want to just do one two. This is the design that mine came out to.
Your pattern will be different based on the marbling. 

Enjoy :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Look what I found in Canada

So I have heard amazing reviews about Aussie 3 minute miracle, and I wanted to try it. I looked for it at Shoppers Drug Mart, Rexall, Walmart and Zellers with no luck. I figured they don't have this product in Canada, so next time I go to the states I have to grab a few bottles.

And then today, I went to Zellers to see what they have for their store closing sale. (side note: Zellers will become Target soon) I was looking at makeup (not on sale yet) and then I looked at shampoos, and THERE IT WAS.... A few bottles of Aussie 3 minute miracle. So I grabbed 2, that should last me awhile.

Finally its here :)

Friday, July 13, 2012

Beauty tip

So, I havd been thinking of different ways to use some of my products. I came up with an unique way to use a colour eye liner. I have an Avon glimmerstick in plum. Very pretty colour but I hardly use it. So i've stated to use it as a cream eyeshadow. Works great as an crease colour.

Only down side is, it doesn't last as long as a normal eyeshadow. But at least I'm getting some use out of this eye liner.

Here is some pics

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Unexpected mini haul

So I was at Sears today just looking around. No plan to buy anything. Then I saw a table with a lot of stuff and 50% off sign. So I had to see what is on the table. To my surprise it was Cake products and H2O products.

I read carefully and the sign said 50% of the lowest ticketed price. OMG I had to see if there was anything I wanted. I could have gotten more but stopped myself.

I grabbed 3 things.
Cake -milk made velveteen hand cream
Orig price $18, ticket price $9, payed $4.50

Then I got two H2O products
H2O Aqualibrium de-stress marine gel mask
Orig price around $25, ticket price $15, payed $7.50

H2O oasis hydrating booster
Orig price around $50, ticket price $21, payed $10.50

There was a lot of cake gift sets and shower gels. I decided try these for now.

They told me Sears is removing these product line that's why they are on sale.

Check your local sears maybe you can get them on discount too

Monday, July 9, 2012

Fake Urban Decay on ebay

So two days ago, I used my sisters Urban Decay Naked pallet and loved it. Yesterday I looked into the price at Sephora ($60 CND) so I started looking at ebay to see if I can save a few dollars. I came across a few sellers where the price was high, not much savings there.

THEN I came across a seller that had it for less then $40 with free shipping, I was like OMG such an amazing deal. I read the post (I always do before I bid anything) and the seller stated not to ask if this is an authentic Urban Decay product, since they get it from a wholesaler and doesn't know. Alarm bells went off.

Could there be fake Urban Decay Naked pallet like there is fake MAC products? The answer is yes, there can be :(

I came across a few youtube video showing fake Naked pallet and Naked pallet 2. Like the MAC ones they look almost the same but not the same quality.

No no ebay deal for me, I'm hoping to go to the states soon, then I'll pick one up.

Just a warning of anyone look into Urban Decay Naked pallet on ebay, there is a lot of fakes out there.

So glad I didn't bid of any. 

Note: this video is not mine, but I though it was helpful. Youtube user :

Sunday, July 1, 2012

June empties

This month was a hard one, since I had very few things that was close to being finished. I managed to finish these items.

I finished:
Lush bath bomb ickle baby bot
Lush retread conditioner
Mac lip gloss
A body scrub from Yves rocher

I hope next moth is better.

Let me give you a few information about these products. I posted this blog really quickly so I didn't give to much details before.

I liked the Abricot scrub by Yves Rocher until the end. Near the end it smelled really strong of herbs and wasn't as sweet. I didn't like using it to much when it smelled bad. But normally it was a nice sweet sent. I have a lot of scrubs, so won't buy this one any time soon.

The retread conditioner was really good, I used it as a deep conditioner. Not sure if I would buy it again, just because of the price tag.

The Ickle bath bomb was really nice, turned the water blue and smelled really good. I think I'll buy it again.

The MAC lip gloss (3D glass) in Synched Up, was a really nice peachy coral colour. I liked it a lot. This was one of my first lip gloss from MAC. It took forever to finish. I know it look like there is more product, but its all stuck on the side and I can't get it out. I also heard that if you take the stopper off then you can't back to mac it. Let me know if that's true or not? I don't think I can get this colour again, I believe it was limited edition. 

Anyways, I'll see what I can finish next month. I don't have to many things that is low anymore, so its getting harder to finish products.