Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Unexpected mini haul

So I was at Sears today just looking around. No plan to buy anything. Then I saw a table with a lot of stuff and 50% off sign. So I had to see what is on the table. To my surprise it was Cake products and H2O products.

I read carefully and the sign said 50% of the lowest ticketed price. OMG I had to see if there was anything I wanted. I could have gotten more but stopped myself.

I grabbed 3 things.
Cake -milk made velveteen hand cream
Orig price $18, ticket price $9, payed $4.50

Then I got two H2O products
H2O Aqualibrium de-stress marine gel mask
Orig price around $25, ticket price $15, payed $7.50

H2O oasis hydrating booster
Orig price around $50, ticket price $21, payed $10.50

There was a lot of cake gift sets and shower gels. I decided try these for now.

They told me Sears is removing these product line that's why they are on sale.

Check your local sears maybe you can get them on discount too

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