Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Maroon and blue nail tutorial

I know it's been awhile, I've just been so busy lately. Anyways I have this pretty nail tutorial to show you. Let me know if you like this or want to see more tutorials.

I used two different nail polish, a blue nail polish (Savvy) and a dark Maroon (Essie - Wicked). Also need a sparkly nail polish (Sally Hansen) and a top coat.

Step 1. Put on a clear base coat or skip the base coat and put on nail polish you want at the bottom of your nail. I'm using try blue as my base color.

Step 2. Rip a bit of a makeup sponge. I choose to rip it instead of using the full sponge to get a texture.

Step 3. Put the nail polish you want on the top of your nail on the sponge.

Step 4. Dab the nail polish on to your nail, starting from the edge and working down. The nail polish should be more concentrated at the edge and fade as it goes down.

Step 5. Put a coat of sparkly nail polish on top when it's almost dry.

Step 6. Finish with a top coat.

I hope you enjoyed my nail tutorial.

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