Tuesday, May 15, 2012

April Empties

So, people that know me, know that I have way to much makeup. I have tried Project 10 Pan a few times but failed every time, hahaha. So I decided to keep a track of my empties each month. That way I can see how much I finished. So here is my April empties.

So I managed to finish 4 products in April.

This is a NYX cupcake lip gloss, it took me forever to finish this lip gloss. I have 3 more :S. They come in a pack of 4. So, its not a bad lip gloss, kept my lips moisturized at night. Its such a cute packaging. Didn't have a taste or smell. Not sure if i would buy it again, mostly because I have use my finger to get the lip gloss.

 I know you can't tell what this is, but it was my Lush Godmother soap. I smells really sweet, I'm not a huge fan but it was a good soap. Once you got out of the shower and let your skin dry, then you can tell how soft your skin got. I had a 100g bar, took me a few weeks to finish it. Not sure if I would buy this again, I love some of their other soaps more.

This is a smoothing hair serum by Avon. I really like this product. You need 1 or 2 pumps to put all over your hair and it looks soft and shinny. Best way to use it, is after a shower on damp hair. Don't put too much or else it will look oily. I'll get this product again after I finish my other smoothing oils.

 This was a really good full cover foundation. Now that its getting hotter outside I'm glad this is finished, I feel like it would be too heavy in the summer time. It was a great foundation. I'll get it again once I finish my other ones. 

Sot these where my april empties. I'll put up a May empties next moth or at the end of this one. It feels great to finish up some products. 

Let me know if you keep also keep track of your empties, I would love to see what your guys have.


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    1. You have a very nice blog. Yeah that sale was amazing.