Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bath and body works Semi-annual sale

Hi, yes I got a bit haul crazy again. Funny thing is I wasn't going to go to this sale, cause I wanted to use up my other products but I couldn't help my self. I tried not to get too much, hahaha. I went to the sale yesterday (June 26).

Oh I noticed from seeing youtube video that the Canadian sale is different from the US one. They seem to have a lot more items that is 75% off while, we only get 50%. Anyone one else see that?

 It was one heavy bag to carry around ;)

I stated with the soap since they were only $3 each. I got two kitchen lemon, gave one to my mother in law. Then I got the coconute lime, and it smells amazing, i'm going to see if I can get a shower gel or lotion. And finally I got the peach bellini.  

I wanted to get the coconut one but they where all out. I also wanted to get the Bali mango shower gel but they where all out also. I grabbed the lotion. Haven't tried it before, but smells good.

Since only during this sale does the original scents come out, i had to grab a few. I wanted to get the exotic coconut lotion, but they where all out. I already have the body spray for both of these scents.
 I never tried the be enchanted before, but it smelled really good and looks so pretty, so I decided to give it a try.

These where at the front counter, the orange lotion was only $2 and the peach was only $1.
 I went mostly to get home scent, and was disappointed with the limited stock. There was only two scents for the scent portable, the sweet cinnamon pumpkin and mind chocolate. I'm not a big fan of chocolate scented things, so I got this one. 

I might go to another location next week and see if I can get more home scents, and different items. I want pretty late in the sale yet its still only 50% off, I hope the price drops soon and goes down to 75%. But there is only 1 week left.

Let me know what you got from the sale?

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