Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Second trip to Lisa's warehouse sale Haul

So, I managed to go back to the Lisa's warehouse sale again. I went last Sunday with my family and some of my friends. Let just say I got a few of my friends hooked and they are now sad that the sale is over. I got in 5 minutes before the doors closed, I got so luck that I made it. I don't live close to the sale, it takes me about an hour to get there but its worth it :)

Anyways they let us get stay there for 1 hour after closing, so I grabbed what I could. Managed to get everything I wanted. This time I didn't want any more makeup (I have a LOT). So I went for the perfumes mostly. So here is my haul, enjoy...

So these are the items I got this time.

Lets start with Perfumes

 This is Pupa Air de Fio, It only cost me $20, retail $75. Amazing deal smells great and looks so pretty.

I also got "Very Irresistible" by Givenchy for $58, retail $96. I'm really happy with both perfumes.

Hair Care
I decided to try these two, one is a hair spray and the other is a curl activation spray. The ISO Bouncyspray was $3.99 and the Joico spray was $1.49.

Foot Care
I wanted to get the Sally Hansen Salon intense callus remover, but there wasn't any left. So I decided to try this Borghese Satin callus remover. It was $3.99 I believe. I also got a pedicure set for $3.99 and a foot mask for $1.99.

On to Body care
I decided to get this honey wax for only $3.99 and the body mist by Dove was only $1.49.

Nail Polish again
Couldn't help my self, their deal was so amazing, I had to get some more. I got another gold magnetic nail polish, the gold works the best ($2.99). Revlon break art $2.49 and I believe the other ones where $0.99.

 I wanted to try this lip gloss it was $1.49, and its amazing. 

 I haven't tried this yet, but was only $1.99 I believe.

Finally onto Face
 I was going to get the eye gel only, but this kit was only $7 more and came with a cleaner and a face gel. it was only $24, retail $50. The eye gel at the sale was $17. So I picked up this kit.

That it, I'm really happy with what I got. The deals are amazing.


  1. Nice haul! Same here, I took my friend there at this sale and she loved it. She preferred the perfumes over the cosmetics though. =\

    Did you start using the H20+ products? Are they good?

    1. Hi,

      I got a few people hooked onto this sale, they can't wait till November now. No I haven't, I'm trying to finish what I have first and then I'll try.

  2. I can't WAIT till the next one!! Awesome goodies :)

  3. How was the callus remover? I bought one yesterday and there's no gel coming out. I opened it up completely and there's little goop in there.