Monday, May 7, 2012

Haul: Lisa's Cosmetic wearhouse sale, spring 2012

So this past Sunday (May 6th) I managed to go to the Lisa's Cosmetic/Fragrances warehouse sale at Markham, ON. I heard about this sale two weeks ago, so this is the first time I went. I got there around 4 pm, and had to wait in line for around 15min to get in. That wasn't bad at all. I heard people say they had to wait for an hour.

Once you get in, you grab a red mesh bag to put your products in. Once I stepped I got overwhelmed by the amount of stuff there is. I went right to the makeup section, because my goal was to get a few of the Smashbox sets. Took me while to find the area. My husband said how there was huge sign saying Smashbox and yet I totally missed it.

Anyways here is my haul :)

I think I did well.

Nail polish
The Sally Hanson and the Tivoli nail polish where $0.99
The Be nail polish was $1.49
I know Sally Hanson ranges from $4-$7. The other brands not sure

Magnetic Nail polish :D

These where $2.99 each, I gave one to my sister. Most magnetic nail polish is around $10

Nail treatment
Sally Hansen treatment $1.49
Be treatment $1.99
These can be around $10.

Other stuff
When I saw this I had to get it, just for fun. Its a heated eyelash curler $3.99

Eyebrow shapes only $0.99

La Coupe shampoo and conditioner $1.99 each. Normally they are around $7 each.

Now onto Marcelle
From left to right, makeup remover $5, retail price $13.50
2 in 1 face & eye cleanser $5, retail price $13.50
and soothing cleansing water $6, retail price $14.25

All Marcelle make up was $2.49 and Annabelle was $1.99

Finally the really fun stuff :D
I got a Elizabeth Arden tinted moisturizer for only $13.99, my colour is Deep 4. They had a lot of foundation, and powder for Elizabeth Arden. Smashbox only had 2 shades of cream foundation that didn't match most people.


Their deal was you buy 3 items with the same price you get the 4th item (same price) free. So I got these items for $5.99 each. Can you believe it, only $5.99 each. total on these items I spent $17.97 for 4 Smashbox items.

This is what I really wanted from them. I got 2 of with Wish kits for $18.99 each, I believe the retail price would have been around $56.
I got the everyday glamour kit for $21.99 retail price was $68. The retail price I'm going of what I saw on the internet, so could be wrong.

And finally got a perfume
It cost me $39.00 for a $80 set.

Amazing deals and savings. I saved $413.38 in total.
This sale is going on till May 14th, 2012.

Enjoy :)

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  1. Great haul! The Marcelle skincare products are such a great deal. I bought the Cleansing water but wasn't sure whether I should get the eye makeup remover and cleanser.

    The eyebrow stencils are great! I bought two in the previous sales.

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