Monday, June 14, 2010

Revlon warehouse sale - haul

This is going to be my very first haul :D, kinda excited.
So i went to a warehouse sale a last week for Revlon, and i wanted to share what i got from that sale. There was a lot of things from house, clothing, to makeup. But i'm only going to be showing you makeup things.

let see.... I got 4 nail polish 3 of them were for $5 and the clean one was $2.
note: all price is in Canadian $.

(Raven Red #721, Sheer Rose #011, Pretty in Papaya, clear coat)

I got a bronzer called Suntan Matte # 020, i believe it was around $6 for that.
I got 2 blush from Revlon Floral collection, one is Honey Bunch #475, the other is Peachy Keen #470 around $5 each

(Honey bunch, Peachy Keen)

Next i got few lipsticks, lip gloss. First is a lip treatment from Modele. its a clear lip treatment, the texture is similar to a lip balm. I got 2 super lustrous creme lipstick from Revlon, 2 colorstay lip color, one creme gloss, one colorstay overtime lip color, and one PURE lipstick.
Here is a close up of all the lipstick

Revlon Super lustrous - Blushing Nude

Revlon Super lustrous - Sassy Mauve

Modele lip treatment

Revlon Colorstay - Mocha Silk

Revlon Colorstay - Ravishing Rose

Pure - 19

Revlon Colorstay Overtime - Sheer Mocha

Revlon - creme gloss - Mischievous Mocha

Here is what the colour looks like on my arm. From left to right, the colours are:
Sassy Mauve, Blushing Nude, Modele lip treatment, PURE 19, Ravishing Rose, Mocha Silk, Mischievous Mocha, the last two are Sheer Mocha first colour, then gloss

With Flash

Without Flash

I also got lashblast for only $5 and it came with a brown eye pencil. :D

These are few other things i got from the sale.

This is a makeup remover pen, called Makeup Eraser pen, does a pretty good job. I believe it has makeup remover liquid inside and when you rub it over makeup it removes it.

Hope you guys enjoyed this haul. let me know if you want more detail of any of these products. If you want reviews I will post them.

Take care :D

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